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wakayamaame和歌山県 Wakayama prefecture
那智黒飴  Nachi Black Candy


 和歌山県の銘菓。黒糖を用いたきわめて固練りの飴玉で、その形状から碁石飴とも言われてます。那智黒は熊野地方に産する光沢のある黒石で、碁石や硯石、庭石に使われる名石のことだが、奄美大島産の黒砂糖 をふんだんに使い碁石そっくりの飴をつくり名物となりました。値段も手頃で嵩張らない為、参詣土産として全国の信徒や来訪者が購入することが多く、また和歌山県推薦優良土産品に指定されています。

 A fine confectionery from Wakayama Prefecture. It is a very hard ball made of brown sugar, and its shape is also called Goishiame. Nachi Black is a shiny black stone from the Kumano region, a famous stone used for meteorites, meteorites, and garden stones, but it is a famous product made from Amami Oshima’s brown sugar abundantly using an agate similar to that of stone. Because the price is reasonable and not bulky, it is often purchased by locals and visitors all over the country as souvenirs, and it is also designated as a Wakayama Prefecture Recommendation Excellent Souvenir.

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