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11月3日、沖縄県浦添市のANA SPORTS HALL てだこにて開催されましたJCI世界会議香港大会ジャパンナイトにて、関東地区1都7県の日本酒を紹介する「関東地区銘酒飲み比べ」を出展いたしました。
We, JCI Japan Kanto District Council, had a booth to introduce 8 kinds of sake from Kanto Area on November 3, at JCI World Congress 2022 Japan Night at ANA SPORTS HALL in Okinawa.
We are grateful that so many visitors came to our booth.
There are many sake breweries in the Kanto area that produce delicious sake, and we would be happy if the event could be a good opportunity for visitors to visit the Kanto area to enjoy them.
We would like to thank everyone who came to the event and all the sake breweries for their cooperation.